When to take the NCLEX Review Course?

In general, the best time to take a NCLEX review course is as soon as you have the time to devote your full attention to it. That means you want to start studying for the NCLEX at the end of the last semester or quarter. If you are really tired from nursing school, a one week break will be helpful, but start the review course as soon as possible after that.

Some nursing schools request that students take their NCLEX review course about a week or two before finals.  Although this approach could be beneficial, it could also backfire if the students are barely surviving the courses without having to worry about something extra. For example, one student found it very difficult to answer a question to a final because the nursing school professor would say answer X while the instructor in the NCLEX review course would say answer Y. In addition, it is very possible to fail one or more courses in nursing school which means it won’t be necessary to take the exam anymore. For example, another student who already paid for a NCLEX review class was in a clinical final when the instructor said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t pass you.”

You do want to start the NCLEX review as soon as you’ve completed your final assignments in school, because you will want to carry your momentum and motivation into studying intensely for the NCLEX exam. Remember that the whole point of nursing school was to get the RN license. The college degree does not do anything to help you get a job. And you definitely want to pass the test the first time so that you don’t have to waste a lot of time and money studying for it again.

In other words, make sure you achieve your current primary goal which is to graduate from nursing school.  The NCLEX review class will be your primary goal the second after you’ve completed your final projects and taken your final exams.