Testing and Academics

When it comes to academics, there is a lot for the nursing student and prospective nursing student to do. It can be very tough to get through all of the prerequisite courses, especially the science. Remember that the science prerequisite courses are the most crucial when determining whether somebody gets to go to nursing school. It may seem like everyone is failing those difficult science classes, but that is not true. There are plenty of students who can get mostly As or straight As in all of the nursing prereq courses.  Because of that, no nursing student who wants to stay competitive should be satisfied with a grade of “B” even in difficult science courses such as A&P and microbiology. And even though nursing school entrance exams are getting harder (have you seen the TEAS V Science section lately?), there are plenty of students who can score in the high 80s and 90s on the TEAS and other similar exams.

Nursing school admissions is so competitive that there are plenty of straight A students to compete against. So you must do well in order to gain admission. However, there are a lot of resources out there to help you study and do well in class and on nursing entrance exams.

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