How to Study for the TEAS V Science Section

If the nursing school you want to go to requires the TEAS exam, it will probably require you to take TEAS version V (TEAS version 5) of the exam. They will probably not accept a score from an earlier version of the exam. One of the things many students say about TEAS V is that the science section is quite hard. The test overall is a lot harder than the previous versions. Still, you will need to spend some time reviewing some of the courses you’ve taken including microbiology, anatomy, physiology, and chemistry. Make sure you don’t sell those science textbooks.

You will want to spend between four to six weeks studying for the TEAS V. Most people won’t need more time than that to do well.  If your anatomy and physiology is shaky, you might need more time.

First thing to do is to order the ATI TEAS V Review Manual which includes two practice exams. The link goes to Amazon which is a lot cheaper than going direct with ATI.  You’ll also need to buy ATI’s two online practice exams (form A and form B) from ATI. Unfortunately, the online exams are not available at a discount from any other store.  The online practice tests really help a lot even though they are expensive.  If money is an issue, just buy the book by itself.

Read all sections of the study guide carefully  and then take one of the two exams that in the book. Grade the practice exam and study the weak points.

Once you have finished studying your weak areas, take one of the online practice exams.  The online exam report will tell you what sections to study. Don’t waste time studying material you already know well. Focusing on your weak areas is key. About one week before the actual exam, take the other practice exam and study for any problem areas.  Finally, take the online practice exam the day before the real exam. Even though there is not much time left, study the weak areas again. The reason for going over the weak areas are to drill in concepts that were tricky.

Many students find that the online practice exams are much harder than the ones from the book. Don’t despair if you score a lot lower on the online exams because the book exams are comparable to the actual TEAS V exam. If you take all four practice exams, you will see reoccurring questions that appear over and over again. In some cases, it’s the exact question with the numbers changed. This is a not-so-subtle hint that taking all four practice exams will be very helpful.

Warning: Do not use study material for TEAS 4 or TEAS 3. The topic coverage has changed quite a bit, and you will score quit a bit lower if you do not get study materials that are specific to TEAS V.