Should I Take A&P and Chemistry at the Same Time?


Is it a bad idea to take human anatomy and physiology along with chemistry at the same time?  Thanks, Sarah.


Hi Sarah, it really depends on how well you’ve done in your previous science courses.

Were Previous Science Courses Hard?

If you took microbiology and it was hard, you will probably want to take these two courses separately. Microbiology is pretty average difficulty for a science course. Chemistry is somewhat more difficult to most students than microbiology.

Algebra and Chemistry

Another factor to consider is how good your algebra is. Chemistry is a little heavy in the type of operations and logic that you learned in elementary algebra. If you struggled with math, that may be another reason to not take both of these classes simultaneously.

A&P and Memorization (Lots of it)

A&P is not really a hard course. The reason why it’s hard for most students is due to the amount of material covered in a short amount of time. You will be spending a lot of time on memorization. If you have other time commitments such as family, kids, or work, you may want to not take these two science lab courses at the same time.

Free A&P Study Guide and Resources

If you are going to study A&P, you may want to take advantage of free anatomy and physiology resources available online. Anatomy coloring books, flash cards, and anything else that will help you learn and memorize the material in the course will make it easier on you to remember what you need for those midterms and final.

Finally, remember that these science courses are very important when applying to nursing school. The GPA for admissions is often calculated from just a few courses, including these two. Nursing school exams will test you on both subjects as well. If you get a “C” in both courses, your chances of getting admitted to nursing school will be significantly reduced due to a lower GPA as well as lower nursing entrance exam scores.