San Francisco State SFSU BSN Nursing Admissions Information

SFSU (San Francisco State University) School of Nursing has several nursing programs available for students. For pre-licensure  students, there is a baccalaureate option as well as a master’s option. This article will concentrate on the Bachelor of Science in Nursing at SFSU.

There is a BSN nursing program on the SFSU campus as well as a separate program at Sequoia Hospital and Cañada college.  The regular program does not allow second baccalaureate students to apply. However, the Sequoia/Cañada college program allows second bachelor’s degree candidates.

Note that students may only apply to one nursing program per year. For example, students may not apply to both the regular BSN program at SFSU and the Sequoia/Cañada college program. Also a student cannot apply to a graduate master’s nursing program along with a BSN program.

Keep in mind that admission to SFSU or Pre-Nursing major does not mean that the student has been accepted to the nursing program. The student needs to apply to the nursing program separately during the fall quarter of each year.

SFSU School of Nursing Prerequisite Requirements for Admission

The following prerequisite courses are required in order to apply to SFSU’s nursing program:

  • 1 semester of microbiology
  • 1 semester of human anattomy
  • 1 semester of physiology
  • 1 semester of survey of chemistry with lab (equivalent to SFSU’s CHEM 101/CHEM 102)
  • 1 semester of elementary statistics
  • 1 semester nutrition
  • 1 semester psychology
  • 1 semester written communication
  • 1 semester oral communications
  • 1 semester critical thinking

No more than one course above can be in progress during the winter or spring quarter following the filing of the application in the fall.

The student needs to have a minimum grade of C in all of the above courses. The student also must have an overall college GPA of 3.0 or greater. It is expected that grades will need to be much higher than these minimums in order to gain admission to SFSU’s BSN nursing program.

The student also needs to submit results of the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) V and scored at the Proficient level.

Supplemental Criteria for SFSU BSN and Sequoia Admissions

Health related work or volunteer work, multicultural community work (eg. homeless shelter, senior center, etc.), and bi-lingual fluency will add extra points to your application. Try to get these as many of these three activities completed without jeopardizing your grades in your prerequisite courses. Students applying to either program should try to get at least one supplemental criteria satisfied.

Additional Admissions Requirements for the Sequoia – Cañada BSN Nursing Program

Students who are applying for the Sequoia and Cañada college option need to provide proof that they live in the Sequoia Healthcare district (cities of Atherton, Belmont, Menlo Park, Portola Valley, Redwood City, San Carlos, or Woodside). In addition, students going for this option need to complete more than 50% of their prerequisite units in the San Mateo Community College District (Cañada college, Skyline college, and College of San Mateo).

The requirements for getting into both BSN nursing programs are going to be rising in 2011-2012 and onwards due to high demand. It is very important for students to exceed the minimum requirements listed above.

Here are two examples of students who got in or waitlisted during the 2009-2010 application season:

3.64 GPA overall / 3.70 GPA prereq / 1 out of 3 supplemental -> admitted

4.0 GPA overall / 4.0 GPA prereq / 1 out of 3 supplemental -> waitlisted

The quality and depth of the supplemental activity probably matters a lot according tho these results. It goes without saying that great grades are going to be needed in order to gain admissions to either program.