San Jose State SJSU School of Nursing BSN Admissions

Like all other nursing programs in the CSU system, the BSN nursing program at San Jose State University (SJSU) is impacted. However, some of the competition has disappeared since Fall 2008 when post-baccalaureate students were denied admissions to the university for any baccalaureate major. As of 2011, second bachelor’s students are being admitted again for 2011, but that may change due to impending CSU budget cuts.  Nevertheless, students need good grades in nursing prerequisite courses as well as top grades in order to get in.

Overall, this is a good bachelor’s degree program leading to a RN license. You don’t have to worry as much about second bachelor’s candidates trying to gain admissions to SJSU, who are typically the students that perform the best since they’re not allowed anymore. Another reason the competition here is less because SJSU is restricting enrollment due to state budget cuts. The best strategy is to gain admissions to SJSU while applying to all community college nursing programs within driving distance at the same time.  This means students should apply to other nursing programs including associate degree programs such as Evergreen Valley College, Mission College, and De Anza College.  An RN is still an RN even if it’s paired with a two-year associates of science in nursing degree (ASN).

Because there are far more students than seats in nursing programs all over California, it’s necessary to apply to as many nursing schools as possible, including private nursing schools unless it’s ok to delay the start of your nursing program for a year or two due to lack of space.

Pre-Nursing Prerequisite Courses

For the most part, this is similar to the requirements at other colleges and universities.

  • BIOL 65 – Human Anatomy (must be within past five years)
  • BIOL 66 – Human Physiology (must be within past five years)
  • CHEM 30A – Intro to Chemistry – Inorganic
  • CHEM 30B – Intro to Chemistry – Organic (Prerequisite CHEM 30A)
  • MICR 20 – Microbiology (Prerequisite CHEM 30A and must be within past five years)
  • COMM 20 – Communications
  • ENGL 1A – English Composition
  • ENGL 1B – English Composition
  • STAT 95 – Introductory Statistics

Pre-Nursing Corequisite Courses

In addition, there are courses that need to be completed prior to, or within one year of admissions to the BSN program:

1) HPRF 100W – Upper Division Writing (cannot waive with exempt WST test score)
2) NUFS 8 – Human Nutrition
3) KIN/CD/HUP 67 – Development of Human Potential (must complete within one semester after admissions)
4) PSYC 1 – General Psychology

There are several other requirements including a TEAS score (minimum of 80). The TEAS exam may be taken no more than one time. You also must have already passed the WST (Writing Skills Test), which is a writing exam that’s usually taken right after the completion of English 1B.

SJSU School of Nursing Impaction Score

The impaction score is made up of the following:

  • GPA in the last 30 semester units (minimum GPA 3.0 – do not include repeated courses)
  • GPA in BIOL 65, BIOL 66, ENGL 1A, MICR 20, STAT 95 (minimum GPA 2.75)
  • TEAS score (minimum of 78 for TEAS version 4.0 or 80 for TEAS version 5.0)

Finally, use this formula to generate the impaction score:

TEAS score divided by 25 + GPA last 30 units + GPA five prerequisite courses

  • Spring 2010 minimum cutoff impaction score = 10.18
  • Fall 2010 minimum cutoff impaction score = 10.27

Although other nursing schools use supplemental criteria such as volunteer work, SJSU uses the impaction score to determine which students get admitted to the next cohort. This means it’s possible for somebody with a bad academic record and a low GPA to fix it in just one year and get admissions to the nursing program although there are restrictions on course repetition.

In each application cycle, there are around 100 applications with 60 acceptances. That is a very generous acceptance rate. The pre-nursing average GPA is around a 3.25 but keep in mind that SJSU Nursing School uses the IMPACTION SCORE, not the GPA to determine admissions.

University Admissions and Choice of Pre-Nursing Major

SJSU has restricted the ability of students to change their majors, especially for those at 60 units of more. Students need to declare their intent to be a pre-nursing major when filling out the CSU Mentor application. Although it’s unclear whether non-majors can apply to the nursing program without having declared beforehand, it would be best to follow the rules and apply for the pre-nursing major as soon as possible.

If a grade of B- or lower is earned in the following pre-nursing prerequisite courses, the petition to change to pre-nursing will be denied. The courses are BIOL 65, BIOL 66, MICR 20, STAT 95, and ENGL 1A. Students need to make sure their grades are B or above in all of the subjects although that won’t be enough to get into the program.

Note that general admissions to SJSU is no guarantee of having a seat in the nursing program. Think of admissions to SJSU has a completely separate process with the exception of admissions to the pre-nursing major.