Palm Beach State College PBSC Nursing Program Admissions Info

Palm Beach State College (PBSC), which was formerly known as Palm Beach Community College (PBCC), has a entry level RN program that leads to an AS degree in nursing with eligibility to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam to earn a RN license.  This nursing program has become even more competitive than ever. Although there are about 300 spots available every year, there are many more applicants. It is important that students do their best academically to improve their chances of admissions.

There is a program at Lake Worth as well as one in Belle Glade. There is also an evening and weekend program, which is good for those who are still working.  Applicants may only apply to one program per term. The numbers of people accepted to each program are:

  • 180 spots for the Lake Worth full time program (90 in fall, 90 in spring)
  • 30 spots for the evening and weekend program
  • 24 spots for the Bell Glade program

All programs take 2 years (4 semesters – no summers) to complete with the exception of the evening/weekend program which takes 2 years and 8 months (year round including summer). The prerequisite courses take about a year to complete for a full time student.

Prerequisite Courses for the PBSC Nursing Program

Below are the prerequisite courses required for the Palm Beach State College nursing program:

  • 1 semester of chemistry within the last 10 years
  • 1 semester of anatomy and physiology within the last 10 years (time limit waived if 2nd semester has been taken within the last 10 years)
  • 1 semester of human growth and development
  • score 80% or higher on the NURSE PROCALC exam (see college for study information and to register for the exam)
  • score of 75 or higher on the HESI RN Admission Assessment Exam or a score of 50 or higher on the National League for Nursing (NLN) exam. The NLN exam will not be accepted after August 2011.

Due to the structure of the points system and the increased competition in the applicant pool, it is not enough to take just the courses above. Points are awarded for the following corequisite courses (must complete before entrance to the nursing program or during the first semester of the program):

  • 1 semester of anatomy and physiology II with lab
  • 1 semester of microbiology with lab
  • 1 semester of nutrition
  • 1 semester of college composition
  • 1 semester of sociology
  • 1 semester of general psychology
  • 1 semester of humaniteis elective

PBSC Points System

Amount of college work:

  • 1 point for 1-29 college units
  • 2 points for 30+ units or AA/AS degree
  • 3 points for a bachelor’s degree
  • 4 points for a master’s degree or above

Nursing curriculum completion:

  • 3 points for anatomy and physiology II
  • 3 points for microbiology with lab
  • 1 point for nutrition
  • 1 point for college composition
  • 1 point for sociology
  • 1 point for general psychology
  • 1 point for humanities elective

NLN Exam

  • 10 points for score of 90-100
  • 8 points for score of 80-89
  • 6  points for score of 70-79
  • 4 points for score of 60-69
  • 2 points for score of 50-59


  • 1 point for Florida residency
  • 1 point for Western Palm Beach County residency (Bell Glade program only)

1 point for health related work or volunteer experience


  • 2.5 – 4 points awarded for undergraduate GPA from 2.5-4. No graduate courses.

Maximum number of points is 32.

The best advice is to complete all of the corequisite courses before applying since all of them yield points. Because of the high competition of the applicant pool, it is best to complete everything listed above in order to maximize chances of admissions.