Nursing Schools in San Diego

Due to the economic downturn, there is a lot of demand to get a nursing degree in the San Diego area. However, there are lots of nursing schools in San Diego for pre-nursing students to choose from.  For example, California community colleges’ nursing programs accept students with a lottery as long as they meet minimum GPA and prerequisite course requirements. That means a 4.0 GPA student has the same chance of getting in as a 3.25 GPA student. Those who are looking for a baccalaureate degree in nursing have options in the San Diego area as well. Unlike community colleges, they will require good to excellent grades in order to gain admission

California State University (CSU) Nursing Schools in San Diego

SDSU San Diego State University School of Nursing BSN – San Diego, CA

SDSU San Diego State University Accelerated Online BSN – San Diego, CA

CSU San Marcos ABSN Accelerated Bachelor’s in Nursing – San Marcos, CA and Temecula, CA

San Diego State and CSU San Marcos have baccalaureate programs in nursing for traditional students as well as accelerated nursing programs for those seeking a second bachelor’s degree.  No matter which nursing program you choose to apply to, all of these programs are highly competitive or will become highly competitive. In particular, the SDSU accelerated program is still new even though the normal nursing program has been around for a while. Nevertheless, competition will only intensify as these programs become better known.

Students who wish to look at private university nursing programs in San Diego have lots of options as well. National University is one of the country’s largest universities with their home in the San Diego area due to the area’s history as a place for the US Navy personnel seeking training after their service. Many other colleges and universities are available for prospective pre-nursing students to choose from including Concorde Career College LVN Programs and Kaplan College San Diego ADN-RN Program. With so many choices, most students should be able to find the right nursing program in the San Diego area that will admit them.