Nursing Schools in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles area is home to many nursing schools. That is a good thing because competition for seats in nursing programs that are in Southern California has intensified ever since the recession of 2008 began. The competition was getting stiff even before the recession.

Fortunately, there are many options to choose from. Students who do not have the best pre-nursing academic record may wish to utilize the lottery admissions system for nursing programs in California community colleges. Among the options available in Los Angeles county include Mount San Antonio College – MtSAC which is the largest community college in the western United States. This college is located in the eastern part of Los Angeles county. Other nearby community college options include Cypress College, which is located in northern Orange County, and Riverside Community College in Riverside, CA. Those in the San Fernando valley area or north should consider College of the Canyon in Santa Clarita, CA.

Another great option is the Los Angeles County School of Nursing, who are well known for producing the best nursing school graduates in the area. They are also known for having the hardest nursing school as well. Because of that, their grads are well regarded even though they graduate with an ADN instead of a BSN.

UC and CSU Nursing Schools

Other options available include UC and CSU Nursing programs for those seeking a bachelor’s degree in nursing. The advantage of these schools is that they’re much cheaper than private schools. Unfortunately, that means the competition for seats in UC and CSU nursing programs is quite stiff. For example, CSU Long Beach had an average GPA of 3.85 in the Fall 2010 incoming class. Below are UC and CSU nursing schools:

CSU Fullerton BSN – Fullterton, CA

CSU Los Angeles BSN – Los Angeles, CA

CSU Long Beach BSN – Long Beach, CA

CSU Northridge ABSN – Northridge, ca

CSU San Marcos ABSN – San Marcos, CA and Temecula, CA

UCLA School of Nursing for Freshmen – Los Angeles, CA

Private Nursing Schools Los Angeles

There are many private universities and colleges available as well. Due to their higher cost of attendance, they are less competitive for admission than public universities. Nevertheless, they routinely reject many applicants with a GPA above 3.0 due to high demand.

Concorde Career College LVN Programs – North Hollywood, Garden Grove, San Bernardino

Everest College ADN Nursing – Ontario, CA

Mount St. Mary College Accelerated BSN Program – Los Angeles, CA

Azusa Pacific University BSN – Azusa, CA

Loma Linda University – Loma Linda, CA

West Coast University BSN – Los Angeles, Orange County, and Ontario