NOVA Southeastern University Nursing Program Admissions

Nova Southeastern University, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has a entry level BSN program.  Classes are  held on two campuses. One is on the Fort Lauderdale/Kendall SEC campus. The other is on the Ft. Myers SEC campus. There are no other nursing programs available for students who don’t already hold an RN license. The graduate nursing programs including their online MSN nursing program are intended for those who are already hold a RN.

The entry level BSN  is a 7 term (27 month) program. Full time attendance is required. Students may need to spend evenings and weekends in clinicals or classroom instruction. Students are highly advised not to attempt any employment during the nursing program.

Current RN-NCLEX pass rates for NOVA Southeastern University is well above the state average.

NOVA Southeastern University Nursing Prerequisite Courses

Below are the prerequisite course requirements to apply to the program. They can be taken at any accredited college or university:

  • Written communications (3 units)
  • Psychology course (3 units)
  • Sociology course (3 units)
  • Human Growth and Development (3 units)
  • Statistics (3 units)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (6 units) OR Anatomy and Physiology (5 units) plus Biology (3 units)
  • Chemistry (3 units)
  • Microbiology (3 units)
  • Nutrition (3 units)
  • General Education elective available in social sciences or humanities  (3 units)

Total 36 units.

It is OK not to complete all of the courses. It is ideal to apply during the term where the last few prerequisite courses are in progress and indicated as such on a college transcript. Students must complete all prerequisite courses by the end of the first term of the program.

Warning: NO GRADES of D, F, or W will be accepted for science courses. Think twice before you withdraw from that science course. Many other nursing schools with penalize you for withdrawing from a science course as well.

Students will also need to secure two letters of recommendations from people such as professors or advisers. Letters from relatives are not acceptable.

NOVA Southeastern University Nursing Tuition and Fees

The acceptance fee to the entering nursing class is $1,000 ($500 acceptance fee plus a $500 deposit. This is a non-refundable fee but will reduce the tuition owed by $1,000.

For the 2011-2012 academic year, the tuition is $19,995 for Florida residents. Out of state residents will need to pay $21,795. There is a fee for the health professions division which is $145 per year. A NSU student services fee is also required at $750 per year. Additional costs such as books, FNSA dues, uniforms, books, and a lab coat are not included.

The university requires that each student carry personal medical and hospital insurance. The university offers a hospitalization insurance plan, if needed.

Students should plan on financing the costs of 27 months of education and other fees, which is the length of the program.

There is a valuable scholarship program available with Baptist Health. If accepted for the Baptist scholarship, Baptist will pay all tuition and fees. A contract is required where the student works for 3 years at Baptist. This is only available to students taking classes at Fort Lauderdale / Kendall SEC. Applications are available with the acceptance packet.

Admissions Stats for NOVA South Eastern University Nursing Program

Source:  NOVA Southeastern University Nursing Program:

  • Applicants: 600-650 applicants
  • Accepted to the Ft. Lauderdale / Kendall SEC: 140-150 students
  • Accepted to the Ft Myers SEC campus: 40 students

One of the requirements that is not required at NOVA but required at many other schools is the TEAS exam. At NOVA, there are no nursing school entrance exams required for the entry level program. Proof of academic ability is provided by the prerequisite courses.  The leniency is balanced with the no “W” grade allowed in prerequisite science classes. Any student with a “W” should not bother wasting money on applying since they’re not allowed.  For the student with excellent grades who doesn’t test well on the TEAS, NOVA is a great choice for a entry level BSN nursing school.