National University BSN and Accelerated BSN Admissions and Points System

National University has two programs for those who want to earn a RN license. One is a generic bachelor’s degree program. The other is a National University Accelerated Bachelor’s in Nursing program.

Accelerated Post-Bachelor Degree in Nursing

The accelerated program is designed for those who earned a prior bachelor’s degree. Students will get to skip numerous GE requirements due to their previous baccalaureate degree. 132 quarter units (33 quarter term courses – equivalent to 22 courses in semester-based programs) will be needed in order to graduate.

National University Nursing Program Prerequisite Courses

The prerequisite course requirements in order to apply to either BSN program are:

Science Courses (GE Area F)

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 *
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 lab *
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 *
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 lab *
  • Microbiology *
  • Microbiology lab *

Non-Science GE Courses:

  • 1 year of English compoisiton (A1) – not required for accelerated
  • Speech (A2) – not required for accelerated
  • Biomedical Statistics (B) *
  • Information Literacy (C)
  • Psychology (E)
  • Sociology (E)

GPA and number of attempts of the courses with (*) count heavily towards the score used for admissions purposes. Details of the point system are detailed later in this article.

All courses in General Education areas A1, A2, B, C, E, F must be completed prior to taking any courses in the major including preparation or core coursework. Generic BSN students will eventually need to complete all other General Education requirements to graduate.

For the accelerated bachelor’s in nursing, an overall GPA of 2.75 is needed *OR* a GPA of 3.0 on the last 60 hours of coursework completed. There is no stated GPA for the generic bachelor’s program.

Tuition and Fees for National University Nursing Program

University course fees are $1,386 per 4.5 quarter unit course (or $308 per quarter unit).

Nursing school specifc fees are $1,480 for the BSN program orientation fee. Clinical fees courses fees are $675 per person.

Federal financial aid and scholarships may be available for students who qualify.

National University Nursing Admissions Points System

Here is the point system used at National University’s nursing program to determine who gets admitted:

100 points maximum consisting of:

  • Prerequisite Attempts (20 points)
  • GPA Multiplied by 30 (30 points)
  • TEAS Score divided by 100 then multiplied by 30 (30 points)
  • Essay (20 points)

For each course of a prerequisite (A&P, A&P 1 with lab, A&P 2, A&P 2 with lab, microbiology, microbiology with lab, and bio stats), you get more points for fewer attempts to get a grade of C or better. 1 attempt=3 points, 2 attempts=2 points, 3 attempts=1 point, 4 attempts or more=0 points. There is a maximum of 21 points possible . The points are divided by 21 and them multiplied by 20.

With respect to the TEAS score, your first attempt with National University is free. They will take your highest score, so it’s worth it to take it again at NU if you already took it somewhere else.

The essay is proctored and written on the same day as the TEAS exam. If you do not wish to retake the TEAS exam, you will be scheduled to take it later in the same day that NU is having the TEAS exam. The essay is graded out of five points by two staff members on a holistic scale. Some of the things that count include how well you answered the given question, grammar, spelling, etc.)

There are no official published stats, so we need to go through anecdotal reports from previous cohorts. The points required for admission varies greatly depending on the cohort you apply to.  In essence, the difficulty of admissions depends on how many people applied at the same time and how well they did. The only thing that counts is your score, and the top 50 people get in for each cohort. The score is determined by your grades, TEAS score, and essay. In the past, there have been students that have straight Bs in prerequisite courses that got admitted. So it is not always necessary to get the highest grades to get into National University’s nursing program.