Mission College Licensed Vocational Nursing LVN Program

Mission College is a small California community college in Santa Clara, CA which offers several nursing programs including a vocational nursing degree. It’s possible for students with a LVN to take a shortened program to progress from LVN to RN later on, including the LVN to RN program at Mission College, so this could be a backdoor option for those that fail to get into any RN program in the Bay Area. It’s also possible to start a career as a LVN but the pay is less and there is less job security than a registered nurse. Other programs in the South Bay and Silicon Valley area to consider include San Jose State University (SJSU), Evergreen Valley College (EVC), and De Anza College.

The licensed vocational nurse (LVN) works underneath a registered nurse or physician to give direct care to patients. Employment is available in long term care facilities, sub-acute facilities, convalescent homes, psychiatric care facilities, doctors’ offices, clinics, and corrections.

Mission College LVN Prerequisite Requirements

To get into the Mission College licensed vocational nursing program, students must complete the following prior to applying:

  • BIOSC 22 OR (both BIOSC 47 & BIOSC 48) – Anatomy and Physiology (or the equivalent in the last five years)
  • Mission College Health Occupations Programs Entrance Exam with “Pass” in eligibility for English 1A, Math 903 (elementary algebra), and Reading Proficient (Reading 53). Exam must be taken during the application period.
  • If the entrance exam is not passed, the equivalent course(s) must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.
  • High school diploma, GED, or associate degree or higher.  International evaluation must be attached for foreign schools, which is required by the BVNPT.

The following supplemental courses and activities may be used as well:

  • Coursework in nutrition
  • Coursework in human growth and development
  • Coursework in medical terminology
  • Math for health occupations class
  • VN057 – gerontology
  • Other science coursework including microbiology, biology, chemistry, and physiology
  • Volunteer work in health care or employment in the health care field will also be considered (eg. EMT, paramedic, medical assistant, pharmacy technician, etc.)

In particular, the following courses are highly recommended but are not required:

  • AH 003 Medical Terminology
  • AH 914 Math for Health Occupations
  • COMHL 010 Community Health Problems
  • HED 002 Health and Lifestyles

To have the best chance of getting into the LVN program as well as lessen the unit load, the following required courses (not required for LVN admissions) should be completed prior to entrance to the Mission College LVN program:

  • PSYCH 012 – Human Growth & Development (three units – within the past five years)
  • NS 015 – Human Nutrition (three units – within the past five years)
  • VN057 – Introduction to Gerontology (two units – within the past five years)

The LVN program is 3 semester longs consisting of 15, 20, and 17 unit load for semester one, semester two, and semester three respectively if the three courses above are not completed beforehand. 324 clinical hours are required in each semester as well.

Finally, students need to attend an information session held by the Health Occupations department prior to applying in order to make sure they have completed all of the current requirements for gaining entrance to Mission College’s LVN program. It is usually held a couple of times during the fall and spring semesters.

Students should attend an information session held by the department prior to applying in order to make sure they have followed all of the current requirements for gaining entrance to Mission College’s LVN program.