Miami Dade College Nursing School Programs

Miami Dade College’s three nursing programs are available for students seeking to become a registered nurse. The programs include an accelerated ADN program as well as a generic ADN program. There is a part time nursing program available with the generic ADN program.

The accelerated nursing program at Miami Dade College is three semesters but requires full time attention for about a year. This is a great program for somebody that can be financially supported by a spouse or parents for a year. No outside employment is possible with the accelerated program. A bachelor’s degree is required to apply for this program since a waiver of all general education requirements is only possible with a bachelor’s degree.

Those who have to support themselves financially may find that the part time generic program would work for them.  The part time generic option will take eight semesters with course load ranging from two to nine credits for each semester. The full time generic option will take four semesters over two years.

Miami Dade College Nursing Prerequisite Course Requirements

The following prerequisite courses need to be completed with a grade of C or better.

General Education requirements:

  • English Composition (*)
  • College Algebra
  • Growth and Development
  • Critical Thinking and Ethics (*)
  • Fundamentals of Speech (*)

(*) = students going for the accelerated program do not need to take these courses as long as an accredited baccalaureate degree was completed in the United States.

Natural Science requirements:

  • Human anatomy and physiology 1 with lab
  • Human anatomy and physiology 2 with lab
  • Chemistry for health sciences with lab
  • Microbiology (lab section highly recommended since it will be required to transition from the ADN to the BSN program)

A course on Introduction to Microcomputer or passage of a computer competency test is required is required by the 31st credit of enrollment.

A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required to apply. However, that will not be sufficient for gaining admission since there are more applicants than spots available.

Students are not eligible for any nursing program if they have three enrollments with grades of  D, F, or W in a natural science prerequisite. Students are not eligible for any nursing program if they have three grades of D, F, or W. This means students need to avoid getting a W.

Miami Dade College Nursing Program TEAS Test Requirement

Applicants will also need to complete the TEAS test with a score of 58.7% or higher. This minimum score will probably not be sufficient to actually gain admission.

Miami Dade College Nursing School Admissions Criteria

TEAS Score – 60%

Natural Sciences GPA – 40%

Recently, some students with 3.8 GPA have been denied admissions to Miami Dade’s generic program. Of course, each student’s fate depends on the TEAS test score as well. In any case, competition is highly fierce. Students need to get almost all As in the required courses as well as do well on the TEAS exam.