Los Angeles County School of Nursing Admissions Info and Stats

The Los Angeles County College of Nursing and Allied Health (was formerly known as the Los Angeles Medical Center School of Nursing) is well known in Southern California for having what is arguably the most difficult nursing program in the area. Because of that, graduates from this institution usually have an edge when it comes to applying for a job. The school is also known for being quite difficult to enter. It does not take too many grades below an “A” to be denied admission.  If you are looking for an easier time in nursing school, look elsewhere. If you are looking for the best and most difficult nursing school in the area, come here.

The school is regionally accredited by the WASC and awards associate degrees. Graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN in order to become a registered nurse.

Clinicals are held at the LAC+USC Medical Center, Olive View Medical Center, and Los Angeles County Department of Health Services (DHS) facilities.

In order to apply to this school, applicants must have had residence in Los Angeles county for one year prior. Students may be asked to provide proof of one year residency.

Prerequisite Course Requirements for LA County School of Nursing

All of the following courses need to be completed prior to application with a grade of “C” or better:

Science Courses:

  • Human Anatomy with Lab
  • Human Physiology with Lab
  • Microbiology with Lab

Science courses must have been completed within the past five years.

Non-Science Courses:

  • English Composition
  • Lifespan Psychology (from infancy to old age)

Points are also awarded for the following courses:

  • Speech
  • Humanities requirement
  • US History or Political Science

The GPA for all prerequisite courses must be 2.5 to apply. The minimum GPA has not been sufficient to gain admission in several admissions cycles.

TEAS V Requirement for Los Angeles County School of Nursing

The County of Los Angeles School of Nursing requires applicants to take the TEAS V exam. A minimum composite score of 64.7% is required. The highest score from the first two attempts will count. Any attempts after the first two will not be counted.

Admissions Point System for Los Angeles County School of Nursing

There is a maximum total possible 93 points.

  • 20 points are possible for the TEAS Exam (15 points for reaching the minimum score of 64.7% on the first attempt, 10 points for reaching the minimum score on the second attempt, 5 bonus points for scoring over 75% on the first attempt)
  • For the three science courses: 15 points are awarded for a grade of “A”, 10 points for a “B”, 5 points for a “C.”
  • For the English composition course: 1o points for an “A”, 8 points for a “B”, 6 points for a “C.”
  • For the five remaining courses: 3 points for an “A”, 2 points for a “B”, 1 point for a “C.”

Total possible points for the GPA in prerequisite courses is 70 points. Total possible points for the TEAS exam is 20 points.

Three more bonus points are awarded:

  • Proof of employment with the County of Los Angeles (1 point)
  • 3 months of employment at a health care facility or 100 hours of volunteer work with patient contact (1 point)
  • Met admission requirements of the previous class but not admitted (1 point)

Students with the highest number of points in each pool are offered admissions.

Fees and Tuition for the Los Angeles County School of Nursing

Tuition for the nursing portion of the program is $2,400 per semester. General education courses are taken at community colleges and the tuition is based upon the tuition at the individual college. There are other fees and costs such as textbooks and uniforms as well.

Admission Stats for County of LA School of Nursing

The cutoff score for Spring 2010 was 79. The cutoff score for Fall 2010 was 81. The average science GPA was higher than 3.3.