Kaplan College San Diego RN Nursing Admission and Tuition Info

Kaplan College provides career related education to those looking to join the healthcare industry. One of the programs Kaplan offers in San Diego is an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing (ADN) which takes approximately 20 months to complete. Students who graduate from the ADN program are eligible to take the NCLEX-RN exam to become a registered nurse.

Although Kaplan College is a for-profit institution, that does not mean it will be easy to get in. There is far more demand than seats in the nursing program. 50 students are accepted each term (10 alternates are selected as well) and there are three cohorts per calendar year. 90-150 students usually apply per term. There is no waiting list for those accepted at Kaplan. They can start right away.

Waiting lists at other San Diego community colleges can be 2-3 years long. The long wait can especially be difficult for military spouses since they only stay in one spot for two or three years. Potential applicants will have to decide if waiting is worth it or not.

Those who are thinking of getting a BSN later on from an institution other than Kaplan should note that credits from this school are not likely to be accepted by other colleges because it is not regionally accredited by the WASC.

Kaplan College Nursing Admissions Requirements and Criteria

There are four criteria that is used to rank applicants for Kaplan College’s nursing program:

1) The first test you will need to take is the Wonderlic SLE test. You must have a score 0f 24 or better. For many students who remember their high school material, this is not too difficult.

2) You will need to take the TEAS Test or submit a SAT or ACT score from the previous five years. In order to be sure you will get admitted, you will want to score higher than 80%. You only get one repeat attempt with Kaplan College while other nursing schools may give you more attempts.

3) Kaplan college requires applicants to have at least six months healthcare experience prior to starting the nursing program. The experience must be within the past two years. In order to be credited for healthcare experience, a letter of recommendation from the employer is required along with proof of employment.

4) Graduates from Kaplan or those who have another academic college degree will get bonus points.

There are no prerequisite courses required, but previous courses taken that are in the nursing program may help you lessen the number of classes taken simultaneously each semester as well as save you money on tuition.

After you are accepted  to the program, you need to pass a background check and urine test which costs $65. The background check is pretty stiff. One applicant with two car window tint violations was disqualified. The urine test is just as stiff. You only get one attempt. Do not drink water prior to giving a sample because you can be disqualified for a sample that is too dilute.

Kaplan College Tuition and Fee Information

The total cost of the program is $54,410 for 70 credits of work to get your Associate’s Degree in Nursing.¬† That comes out to be a cost of $777 per credit. This is an all-inclusive fee that comes with books, scrubs, insurance, etc. If you complete some prerequisite courses elsewhere (eg. math, A&P, microbiology, psychology, English etc.), you can transfer those credits to Kaplan and lower your final cost of education. The maximum discount you can get for transferred credits is about $8,000.

Military spouses get a 10% discount.

Although financial aid can cover much of the cost of education, the maximum amount of federal loans is around $10k, and that amount is even less if you are a dependent student or are considered to be less than junior standing. The gap between financial aid and the cost of education will need to be covered out of pocket or via a private student loan. The school might be able to offer you monthly payments for the balance as well.