Everest College ADN Associate Nursing Program in Ontario

Everest College has an associate degree program in nursing (ADN) with admissions requirements that are more lax to the other competitive nursing programs in California. The campus is located in Ontario, CA, which is about 45 minutes east of downtown Los Angeles within the Inland Empire.  Although the admissions requirements are more lax, competition is increasing because there are still many more applicants now than spots.

There are no prerequisite coursework required other than a high school diploma or GED.  This is a true entry-level nursing program that assumes no previous science coursework. However, two pre-entrance exams need to be taken at the school (COMPASS and HESI A2). The COMPASS test is very easy and covers reading and pre-algebra skills.

HESI A2 Nursing Entrance Exam

The sections covered in the HESI A2 exam include math, reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, anatomy and physiology, biology, and chemistry.  However, you only need to pass all of the math and English related subjects to move on in the Everest College nursing admissions process if you transfer zero courses into the program.

If you plan to transfer any science courses (very helpful to decrease cost of attendance and decrease course workload), you will need to get passing scores on those particular science classes. The science sections are known to be quite tough. Extensive studying is highly recommended if you are transferring in science courses.

After passing the two exams, an interview will be required.  Finally, applicants will need to write an essay. If accepted into the program, applicants will need to clear through the financial aid process as quickly as possible. The first 40 to do so will be in the cohort.

Everest College Nursing Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

The financial aid process can be made easier by transferring in units of prerequisite courses in order to lower the cost of education. The reason to complete prerequisite courses is demonstrated with the following example with zero transferred units:

  • $416 per unit (48 units in the first three quarters)
  • $1,462 per year for books
  • $120 fee

Total for one year = $19,968+ $1,462 + $120 = $21,550 for the first year. Maximum federal financial aid for a person with maximum financial need is around $6,000 plus Stafford loan to cover another $9,500 or so. That means there is a few thousand more than needs to be covered with a private student loan. The school might offer a 12 month cash payment plan as well. This is why it might not be trivial to get through the financial aid process.

The courses that you could transfer in to greatly lower the cost include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology 1
  • Anatomy and Physiology 2
  • English Composition 1
  • English Composition 2
  • General Psychology
  • Sociology
  • American Literature
  • Nutrition (this course is an Everest College online class)
  • Computer Applications
  • Microbiology
  • College Algebra

The more courses you transfer in, the less coursework you will have to complete each term. These courses can be completed at a much lower cost at a community college. Some of the non-science classes can even be completed online as well. Generally, the non-science courses taken at community colleges either online or on campus are pretty easy.

Courses completed must have a passing grade of “C” or better. Science courses must have been completed within the past five years. Transcripts and course syllabi must be submitted for evaluation. For the science courses, you will need to pass the respective section in the HESI A2 exam to validate your knowledge before your courses will be accepted.

Everest College Nursing School Admissions Process

The best advice to make sure you get into Everest College’s nursing program is to:

  • Study and pass both entrance exams.
  • Do well in the interview
  • Write a great answer to the essay.

Depending on the the interview, GPA, essay score, etc., the school will pick 60-80 students to go through the financial aid process. The first 40 to complete the process will allowed to register for classes first. In other words, it is similar to first come, first served. Both quality of academic performance and speed will be needed to get in.


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