De Anza College ASN RN Nursing Program

De Anza College in Cupertino, CA is a large community college conveniently located in the South Bay / Peninsula area. De Anza offers two nursing programs. It offers the typical Registered Nurse (RN) associates program as well as a LVN to RN program.  One of the most unique aspects of this school is the admissions process, which is designed to eventually admit every single eligible student into the nursing program.

An associate degree in nursing (ASN) leads to the same registered nurse (RN) license as those who complete a bachelor in nursing (BSN). Because of this, there is no reason to limit yourself to just ASN or BSN programs. In fact, students should apply to all nursing programs in the area because there are far more students who apply to nursing school than seats available. If a student doesn’t apply broadly and widely, she may end up waiting years before getting accepted into a nursing school.

On the other hand, a disadvantage of the De Anza program is that there is one prerequisite (Nursing 50) that needs to be taken at De Anza College and nowhere else. This may be a hardship for students who do not live in Silicon Valley or the Peninsula such as students living in the East Bay or San Francisco.

De Anza College Nursing Program Waiting List

All eligible students who complete all pre-nursing requirements are placed on the waiting list for entry. Currently, it takes over one year before accepted students reach the top of the waiting list. By delaying the start of nursing school for over one year, students lose potential earnings from their nursing career they may have earned if they entered a nursing program earlier. Most other schools including those in the Bay Area do not require admitted students to wait for entry into the nursing program.

On the other hand, the big advantage is that De Anza places all students who meet the minimum eligibility requirements on the waiting list. It’s basically a guaranteed acceptance to the nursing program if you’re willing to wait.  A lottery is held to pick the order of new students placed on the waiting list for the current quarter.

De Anza College Nursing Program Prerequisites

The prerequisite courses for admissions into the De Anza College Nursing Program are:

  • Nursing 50 (must be taken at De Anza College and no more than two attempts to pass)
  • Math 114 – Intermediate Algebra (or another more advanced math course)
  • Biology 40A, 40B, 40C – Anatomy and Physiology
  • Biology 26 – Microbiology
  • Biology 45 – Nutiriton
  • English 1A or ESL 5 or AP English Credit – Note: Since AP English scores don’t correspond directly to grades, it will be assigned a C grade in the chancellor’s formula, which will significantly lower your score. It’s better to take an English course for a grade instead.
  • Psychology 1 – General Psychology
  • Psychology 14 – Developmental Psychology (scope is full lifetime from infancy to old-age)
  • Speech 1 – Public Speaking OR Speech 10 – Fundamentals of Oral Communications
  • Sociology 1 – Introduction to Sociology OR Anthropology 2 – Cultural Anthropology (ONLY FOR LVN Transition or Advanced Placement Programs)

Note that De Anza courses are on the quarter system, which are worth 2/3 of their semester credit equivalents. For example, four quarter units is the same as 2.66 semester units. Because of the quarter system, the list of prerequisite courses may seem longer than it really is.

LVN to RN applicants need to submit a copy of their LVN license as well as college transcripts of their LVN education.

De Anza College Nursing Chancellor’s Formula

The grades in the above courses as well as other college courses are plugged into the chancellor’s formula which includes:

  • Core Biology GPA (Anatomy Physiology, Microbiology, Nutrition)
  • English nursing prerequisite GPA
  • Overall college GPA using the last 7 years of associate degree applicable classes
  • Repeat count of the above Core Biology classes (one Withdrawal grade will be ignored)

The chancellor’s formula produces a score that predicts the likelihood of a student completing a two year associate degree nursing program. A score of 75% is required.

Once all of these prerequisites have been completed, the student needs to take the HESI Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam at De Anza College. The test covers the following areas:

  • English Language – Reading Comprehension
  • English Language – Vocabular and General Knowledge
  • English Language – Grammar
  • Basic Math Skills
  • Biology
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Personality Profile (no score – feedback given to student)
  • Learning Style (no score – feedback given to student)
  • Chemistry (not required – take this exam last during your session)

Each individual section requires a 75% score in order to pass. All required sections of the exam must be passed to be eligible for entry into the De Anza nursing program.

Students are allowed to take the exam no more than two times. The second exam must be taken within one year of the first attempt. If the student fails to pass all sections, he or she will be ineligible to enter any De Anza nursing program in the future.

De Anza College Nursing School Entry Requirements

The following needs to be completed to be placed on De Anza’s nursing school waiting list.

  • A grade of C or better in all nursing prerequisite courses
  • Score of 75% or higher on the chancellor’s formula
  • Score of 75% or higher on all sections of the Evolve Reach Admission Assessment Exam
  • Proper completion of the De Anza Nursing School Application with all required documentation submitted

Once all of the above has been completed, the student is eligible to be placed on De Anza’s nursing school waiting list, which eventually leads to entry into the nursing program. Once the student reaches the top of the waiting list, she has three quarters to begin the nursing program. If the student fails to begin within three quarters, she is ineligible to reapply to any De Anza nursing program.