CSU Stanislaus Nursing School Pre-Licensure BSN Admissons Info

CSU Stanislaus (also known as Cal State Stanislaus) has an entry level BSN program for those with no nursing experience who wish to get a RN license. Like nearly every nursing program in California, it is highly impacted. Only those with the best grades should expect to be admitted. Budget cuts have severely limited the the ability to get seats even though the application pool is much larger. However, those with good grades and TEAS score should be able to gain admissions.

Remember that applicants must pass two completely separate admissions processes. Students need to apply to CSU Stanislaus as well as the supplemental nursing school application. The application period for fall is October 1st to November 30th of each year. The spring application period is from August 1 to August 31th. The nursing application for fall must be filled out during the month of January for fall or the month of September for spring. This article describes to process for applying to the nursing school.

CSU Stanislaus Nursing School Prerequisite Course Information

The following courses need to be taken prior to admissions:

  • Chemistry and Biochemistry for Nurses I (3 units)
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry for Nurses II (2 units)
  • Anatomy with lab (4 units – no online courses)
  • Physiology with lab (4 units – no online courses)
  • Microbiology for nursing with lab or bacteriology with lab (4 units – no online courses)
  • First year composition (3 units)
  • Public speaking or group discussion(3 units)
  • Critical inquiry or philosophical inquiry (3 units)
  • Statistics (3 units)

Until Spring 2012, no more than 2 prerequisite courses can be repeated. Effective Fall 2012, no more than one science prerequisite may be repeated and no more than one non-science prerequisite may be repeated.

At least two science prerequisites and two non-science prerequisite courses must be completed at time of application.

CSU Stanislaus Nursing School ATI TEAS Requirement

All applicants need to take the ATI TEAS exam with a minimum score of 75%. Applicants may use the highest score during the first three attempts.

Bonus points are awarded for healthcare experience (paid or volunteer), residency in local counties around CSU Stanislaus, and proficiency in a language other than English. Points for GPA is divided into two buckets. One for science prerequisites and one for the general education requirements.

CSU Stanislaus Nursing School Admissions Statistics

Spring 2009

  • Applications – 52 (only CSU Stanislaus students can apply due to budget cuts)
  • Accepteances – 29
  • Overall GPA – 3.29
  • Science GPA – 3.30
  • Non-Science GPA – 3.29
  • ATI Score – 82.7

Fall 2010

  • Applications – 204
  • Acceptances – 30
  • Overall GPA – 3.68
  • Science GPA – 3.77
  • Non-science GPA – 3.69
  • ATI Score – 84.2

Although the numbers may seem daunting, a lot of students turn down their acceptance and go elsewhere. In 2010, number 50 on the waiting list got in. This may not happen in future semesters, but it gives hope to those on the waiting list.