CSU Sacramento BSN Nursing Admissions Information

CSU Sacramento (CSUS or Sacramento State) has a traditional bachelor’s degree program in nursing that allows students to earn their RN license. Sacramento State does not offer a graduate program in nursing for those who have not already earned their RN license.

Keep in mind that second bachelor’s candidates are no longer accepted to CSUS as of the fall 2010 term. Although most CSU and UC campuses do not allow second baccalaureate students, CSU East Bay nursing program in the SF Bay Area still does. Those with a bachelor’s degree should also consider an entry level master’s program in nursing at another institution.

Applicants should not that admission to the university does not constitute admission to the clinical nursing program. Students need to apply to both the university as well as the nursing division and be accepted for both.

Nursing Prerequisite Course and GPA Requirements

Sacramento State admits students on a points system that is derived from the GPA as well as the TEAS score. Below are the prerequisite course requirements:

  • English 1A
  • Oral Communication (any GE A1 course)
  • Critical Thinking (any GE A3 course)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (statistics is recommend but any GE A4 course is acceptable)
  • Organic Chemistry (with in-class lab)
  • Anatomy (with in-class lab)
  • Physiology (with in-class lab)
  • Microbiology (with in-class lab)

All of the courses will be accepted without regard to date of completion. However, current knowledge is essential to surviving the nursing program. All courses must be completed with a C- grade or better. A minimum nursing GPA of 3.3 is required for admissions. Plus or minus grades are not considered (a C+ or C- is the same as a C with 2.0 grade points)

A maximum of one science and one non-science may be in progress by time of application. All eight prerequisite courses must be completed by the end of the term prior to admissions (eg. must complete by Spring 2010 for Fall 2010 term application). Summer term cannot be considered for in progress courses.

A five point deduction will be incurred if a student repeats a prerequisite or corequisite course more than once within the past seven years. The highest grade will be used. Many other universities and college also assess a penalty for repeats as well for nursing admissions.

The following courses are not required for admissions, but are strongly encouraged to be finished prior to entry into the clinical nursing major.

  • Life Span Human Development (adult component required)
  • Introductory Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Pharmacology
  • Societal-Cultural Patterns Course (eg. SOC1, ANTH2, ANTH101, etc.)

TEAS Requirement for CSUS Sacramento State Nursing Program

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) by ATI is required for admissions. A minimum score of 75% is needed to be considered for admissions. Only the first three attempts will be considered within the five years preceding admissions will be considered.

Students also need to be a California resident. Those paying in-state fees due to a military waiver are not considered a California resident.

After all of the above have been completed, the applicant is scored on a points scale which consists of the following:

  • Nursing GPA – 50 points  (eg. 1 point 3.3 GPA 25 points 3.636 GPA)
  • TEAS score – 50 points (eg. TEAS 75% = 1 point, TEAS 87.0 = 25 points)

Optional criteria bonus points are given for the following:

  • Three bonus points are awarded for biligual language proficiency for certain foreign languages. Languages acceptable are Chinese, Spanish, South East Asian Languages, Indian Languages (eg. Punjabi, Hindi), Tagalog, Russian, Farsi, Arabic, or American Sign Language. Other languages such as German and French are not awarded any bonus points.
  • 100 hours of health-related work or volunteer experience will result the candidate 3 extra points as long as the experience contains patient contact.
  • 3 points are awarded for low income status. A FAFSA application is required.
  • 3 points are awarded for attendance at a disadvantaged high school.
  • Military veterans honorably discharged from active duty within the four years preceding the application will get preference in case of a tie.

A maximum of 12 bonus points can be awarded. The maximum number of points possible is 112. Here are the statistics for Fall 2010:

266 applied (80 enrolled, 40 declined acceptance, 73 ineligible, 73 qualified alternates)

  • Point cut off was 56 points.
  • Average GPA of enrolled students 3.869 (range 3.559 to 4.0)
  • Average TEAS test score of 89.3% (range 76.5% to 97.1%)
  • Average points for optional criteria is six.

Note: For the fall 2010 term, the university received late approval to increase admissions from 60 to 80 students.

As you can see from these statistics, Sac State’s nursing program is highly competitive despite the recent exclusion of second bachelor’s degree students. Applicants will have to have academic stats that are far higher than the minimum in order to gain admissions to the CSU Sacramento BSN Nursing program.