Tips for Addressing a Low GPA (Less Than 3.0) When Trying to Go to Medical School

There is a lot of demand for medical school. A sub-3.0 GPA is almost certain to result in a denial from nearly all schools. Those who have less than a 3.0 need to spend some time to make their applications better. Here are some tips that can help address a low GPA. Retake any science and math courses with a C or lower grade. You can take them at a local community college or … [Read more...]

MBA: Overcoming a Low GPA With an Alternative Transcript

A low GPA is going to hurt a lot with a GPA below 3.4 when trying to get into a top tier MBA program. A low GPA that is salvagable is from 3.1 to 3.4. Those with GPA below 3.1 should look below. From the adcom's point of view, an applicant with a low GPA may not have the ability to succeed in the program. A great GMAT score can begin to overcome this disadvantage. However, it … [Read more...]

Top Five Reasons for MBA Admissions Denials

Most people applying for top tier MBA programs know that the GPA/GMAT combination is most important in determining chances of gaining admissions. However, it's a good idea for applicants to know what are the top five ways of getting denied so that they can maximize the chances of getting admitted. Below are the top five reasons as compiled by a Kaplan Test Prep 2011 study of … [Read more...]

How Does a Low GPA and Age of Student Factor in Top-10 MBA Admissions

As time passes, the effect of a low GPA is lessened. The opposite is true as well. Someone who is 24 years old with 2 years of work experience is going to have a hard time getting into a tier 1 business school with a low GPA. Let's look at this from the admissions committee's point of view. As a person gets older, his or her career accomplishments grow. At age 21 after … [Read more...]

Overcoming a Low GPA for Top-25 Law Schools

Overall, the demand for law school has gone down as fewer students decide to choose this field. On the other hand, demand for top-25 law schools is still quite high. Many students understand that the job prospects of those who choose a top school are considerably better than those who go to a lower ranked school. That is why many students have decided to aim … [Read more...]