Cal State Northridge Accelerated Nursing Program

CSU Northridge (also known as CSUN or California State University at Northridge) has one pre-licensure nursing program for those who have already earned a BA / BS degree. The accelerated nursing program to complete a second bachelor’s degree will take 15 months. After completion of the BSN, the student will be able to take the NCLEX-RN exam to earn a license to be a registered nurse.

Admission to this accelerated BSN program consists of getting accepted as a post-baccalaureate student (apply to CSUN as a graduate student) by the university and getting accepted by the nursing department.  There is only one applicant pool per year with admission to either summer or fall semester. The nursing department application deadline is December 1st (or the first working day of December) of the previous year. The fall semester deadline for Cal State Northridge university admission is November 30th of the previous year.

Cal State Northridge Accelerated Nursing Program Prerequisite Requirements

The following courses are required prior to entering the CSU Northridge accelerated nursing program:

  • Human anatomy with lab
  • Human physiology with lab
  • Microbiology with lab
  • Chemistry with lab
  • Statistics
  • Principles of Human Behavior (PSYC 150)
  • Introduction to Lifespan Psychology
  • Oral Communication
  • Written Communication

The four natural science courses with lab must have been taken within the past seven years prior to admission.

A 3.0 minimum overall undergraduate GPA is required. All prerequisite courses have to have a minimum grade of “C” or better. Keep in mind that meeting minimum GPA requirements will not be enough to gain admission. All courses must have been completed by the fall semester prior to admission.

In addition to the prerequisite course requirements, three letters of recommendation must be submitted as well. The program will also request an interview during March or April. Not all applicants will be interviewed.

Tuition Cost of Cal State Northridge Accelerated BSN Program

The total cost of the accelerated nursing program at CSUN is estimated to be about $15,000 (excludes books, supplies, and housing). This tuition and fee  estimate is subject to change. Federal financial aid is available for second baccalaureate students.

Cal State Northridge Accelerated Nursing Program Admission Data

The nursing department accepts 36 students per year. 18 students are assigned to start during the summer semester. Another 18 students are assigned to start during the fall semester. Hundreds of applications are received every year.

The GPA of the previous BA and BS of successful candidates has been above 3.5

The prerequisite GPA of successful applicants has been above 3.9.

Although the competition to this accelerated nursing program is fierce with the extremely high average GPA, this may be a good option for students with good grades who do not perform well on tests such as the TEAS since it is not required.