Best Nursing Schools for 2011

Listed here are the best nursing schools for 2011. Although all nursing schools grant the same RN license from the state nursing board, it still matters where you got your nursing education. Because of the softer market for entry level nurses, it’s becoming more important to pick a nursing school with a great reputation. Throughout 2011, we will be adding nursing schools to this list. Feel free to read about any of these top nursing schools for 2011.

Best California Nursing Schools for 2011

Los Angeles County School of Nursing – They are known for their difficult nursing program. Many local hospitals in Southern California prefer grads from this school over BSN grads). If you want an easier nursing school experience, do not come here. With the difficult job market in California for nurses, this could give grads from this school a key edge even though it’s an ADN instead of a BSN.

UCLA School of Nursing – This is a highly regarded center for health care education that is well recognized nationwide)

Best Florida Nursing School for 2011

University of Miami – This school has full tuition and many scholarships to help students pay for their nursing education. The full tuition scholarship comes with required paid employment as part of the conditions for a full tuition waiver.

More schools will be added to the list as the year 2011 unfolds. Keep in mind that all of the schools featured on this website are legitimate and professionally accredited for nursing.

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