Admissons Info for the Top Georgia Nursing Schools

Here is information on admissions to the best nursing schools in Georgia. Some of the nursing schools in Georgia are highly competitive. For example, a very high GPA of 3.81 was needed at Georgia State University’s School of Nursing for Fall 2010  in order to gain admission. Because of the intense competition for nursing program admissions, students are advised to apply broadly and widely to maximize the chances of admissions.

In addition, it’s vital to do well in all of your nursing prerequisite courses, especially those that are in the sciences such as A&P and microbiology. It may seem like everyone is struggling to get a grade of “C” or “B,” but that is not true at all. Many students are able to get mostly “A” grades or straight As. In order to get into the top nursing schools in Florida, you’ll need to get very high grades in courses that many average students would struggle in.  If you have a low GPA, you may want to look at this list of low GPA schools to find other options that will allow you to begin your nursing career.

Accelerated Nursing Programs

Georgia State University – Atlanta, GA

Traditional BSN Nursing Programs

Georgia Health Sciences University – Athens, GA and Augusta, GA

Medical College of Georgia – Athens, GA and Augusta, GA

Second Bacccalaureate Nursing Programs

Emory University Second Bachelor’s in Nursing – Atlanta, GA