Accelerated Bachelor Degree Programs in Nursing

Many people have been hit quite hard during the recession by becoming unemployed from a job that no longer exists in the economy. They would like to find a new career quickly to reduce the amount of time spent unemployed. One very lucrative option is to become a registered nurse. Under normal circumstances, it takes two to five years to become a registered nurse after admissions to a nursing program depending on whether it’s for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. However, there is a much faster option for those with a bachelor’s degree called an accelerated bachelor’s degree program in nursing.

With a typical baccalaureate program, students have to take courses such as general education, physical education, basic English, and basic math. Those who already earned a degree have completed those courses already. All they need are the nursing specific courses that normally take two to three years to complete. However, it’s also possible to cram all of that into a 12 or 13 month accelerated nursing program in an intense year of study in nursing. Psychologically, it would be very difficult to sustain accelerated coursework for the long term in a normal AA or BA program of two to five years. Those who already have a baccalaureate degree only have to survive the intense program for just one year.

The big advantage to finishing the nursing program earlier is to get an extra two years worth of salary versus a normal 3-year ASN program or 4-year BSN program. That can help justify the cost of these accelerated programs. Also consider the fact that each year of school represents an opportunity cost worth one year’s salary in your old career.

No matter which college nursing program you are going for, you will need to complete nursing prerequisites. Those requirements will be listed in the nursing program information. Fortunately, most people can complete all of the requirements without quitting their day job. After completing all prerequisites, all that is needed is about a year worth of intensive study and then you’ll be able to begin your career as a registered nurse.